ALEGRIA Onboard Aventura Dance Cruise


There are moments in life that simply can’t be described, only lived. One of them is going onboard an ADC cruise.

I did not know much about Aventura Dance Cruise, the largest Latin Dance Cruise in the World, until I met its owner, Moshe Raiser earlier this year and he generously invited me to be part of a cruise in the fall. As a Latina who loves salsa dancing, when I heard Grupo Niche was giving a concert onboard, it was only natural for me to want to reconnect with one of my favorite salsa bands from the land of my ancestors.

During my teenage years in Colombia, I let their songs’ lyrics become engraved in my consciousness. I think back to that time that seems so long ago. It was an enchanted evening concert complete with a little drizzling Caribbean rain. I sang along with a loud voice, too loud, so that I lost my voice. And I danced until my feet burned but it was a bittersweet pain, for though my feet hurt, I knew how much joy the dancing had brought.

Because here comes one of my main joyful observations about going onboard ADC: Diversity, Unity and ALEGRIA 24/7. There is never a dull moment from the time you wake up to an energizing Kizomba dance class by the pool, to the sexy pool parties all day, to the evening galas filled with social dancing and new friends. Lots of them.

On this cruise you will definitely leave behind feelings of loneliness and isolation so common in cosmopolitan cities, and you will become part of a new tribe, a fun-loving one : the #ADCFamilia.

One of the aspects of ADC that I found incredibly fascinating is that you will meet new friends of all ages from all walks of life, a multicultural explosion of kind and warm-hearted people who love to dance and treasure the beauty, beat and history of Latin Music.

Looks and social status are irrelevant; professions or titles become obsolete; stereotypes fade into the warm evenings filled with dancing and magic and friendship. You can truly witness beauty in all its forms and shapes: talented musicians and dancers mingling with amateur dancers who want to feel the thrill of dancing with one of their favorite stars.

The legends of Mambo mingle with a new generation of Latin music lovers and the sunset awakens you when you catch a glimpse of two sexy lovers dancing to a sensual tune losing track of time and daily life.

A day at ADC may consist of as much or as little as you want it to be.

Are you extremely active? You will have plenty of dance classes to choose from taught by some of the best dancers in the world.

Are you a Salsa Music enthusiast? Enjoy the concerts as the soft evening breezes cool you and the stars blaze above.

Are you a dancer? You will dance until dawn to as many Ritmos Latinos as you please: Kizomba, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo… you name it.

The worst part of it all?
Counting down to reaching that one port that will take you back to your everyday life.

It is not every day that the world feels so joyful, where we can all become one through the magic of Latin Music and Dance.

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