Doris Anahi

Music Industry Alum Turned Songstress Doris Anahi

"Doris Anahi Muñoz bet big on herself and her community to forge a space in the L.A. Music industry."

A leader behind the scenes of the new wave of Indie Latinx artists, it is Doris Anahi’s turn to step into the spotlight. Becoming an artist manager after college, Doris championed the type of music that made her feel seen in her first-gen Latinx existence, and alongside her community she built musical worlds that simply didn’t exist. Cultivating a fierce commitment to representation, especially one that reflected the truest parts of her artists and the world around her, Doris could no longer ignore the signs that lead her to write and release her own music.
Doris will be the subject of the documentary MIJA from director Isabel Castro, in her debut feature premiering at Sundance Jan. 21 @ 5:15 PM PST. Mija follows Doris Muñoz, a young, ambitious music manager whose undocumented family depends on her ability to launch pop stars. When she loses her biggest client, Doris hustles to discover new talent and finds Jacks — another daughter of immigrants for whom “making it” isn’t a just dream: it’s a necessity.

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