Colombian Sisters from the Land of “Encanto” Share their Story of Resiliency to Motivate other Latina Women in Media

Most Latinas we see succeeding in the US have an incredible story of resilience behind it all.
How difficult was it for you to come to the US and start a new life?
Our parents brought us to the US when we were teenagers in the early 2000’s, first was a culture shock, a new language and a new way of living at a very fast paced culture and routine. We were told to work to help pay the “bills” y ayudar en la casa. “Bills” what is that? We started working at the age of 16 and 18 and understood what is to work as an immigrant in the US, appreciate the hustle and necessity to salir adelante and learn how to be an entrepreneur at an early age, just by being thrown into the real world to make money, persevere our dreams and get an education, it was hard at the beginning but definitely worth it.
Any moment when you felt you wanted to give up?
With Pinkafé specifically, we gave up three times, we were just not ready, mentally and professionally. We put a pause and let the project sleep for a few years and once we had more experience and we were both more mature, we revisited that dream and saw that it was still alive. Now after a Podcast and TV show, the possibilities are endless for Pinkafé, our dream is to become a global female brand to bring resources and knowledge around the world.
How and when did Pinkafé come to life as we know it now?
After 12 years of trying we saw the need of Latina representation and what we had to give the community as sisters and is when we decided to mix our careers of journalism and TV production to create a Podcast in 2019, which just a few months later at the beginning of 2020 became a national televised show in the US, now running its 4th season.
I know a big part of your mission is to inspire other Latina entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams, What are three practical pieces of advice you can give to an entrepreneur today?
1. Dream big and write down your ideas, have a clear vision and don’t limit yourself!
2. Create a plan with steps to follow and keep track
3. Nurture genuine relationships and network because they are the community you need to succeed
What brings you Alegría? 
Working with a sister is the most joyful thing in the world. It feels like dancing, it feels like being little girls again, serving a community of like-minded women and bringing our dreams together as a team. ¡Eso nos da Alegría!

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