Juanes’ New Album “Loco De Amor” Arrives Today With #1 iTunes Debuts In Over A Dozen Countries, An Appearance On The TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON, And Strong Reviews Heralding The Album As:




FOUR STARS… immediately accessible even if you don’t know Spanish at all… urgent, affirmative, nearly transcendent rock & roll

…a hooky chorus worthy of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band

…instantly memorable… measurably sharper than most pop right now…likely to pull in [more] listeners just discovering one of Latin America’s biggest stars.





…And Tonight, Look For Juanes To Give The First Latin Music Performance On THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON


– Performing First Single “La Luz” (The Light) – Which Is Currently The #1 Song On Billboard’s “Latin Airplay” Chart  – Becoming Juanes’ 9th #1 Single


Juanes Currently Holds The #1 & #2 Spots On The U.S Latin Pop Sales Chart At iTunes. His New Album “Loco De Amor” Has Also Hit #1 Today On The Overall iTunes Charts of Over a Dozen Countries – Including: Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Chile & More


“Downloads of the Week: Juanes makes acoustic-driven pop-rock that’s immediately accessible even if you don’t know Spanish at all. [“La Luz”], an instantly memorable tune from “Loco de Amor,” his first album in four years, is measurably sharper than most pop right now.” –New York Post


“FOUR STARS… an alternative Latin rocker with a big hooky chorus and a piano vamp worthy of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.. It’s a stormer… the album’s first single, “La Luz,” melds 21st century EDM to Colombian cumbia and Latin alt-rock in a driving, infectious dancefloor groover… urgent, affirmative, nearly transcendent rock & roll …Loco de Amor offers longtime fans plenty of Juanes’ signature sound to satisfy, That said, its provocative blur of genres, styles, and traditions delivers some bracing new sounds that should attract a wider range of listeners.” – All Music


A lot to like about Juanes album ‘Loco de Amor’ – U2 producer Steve Lillywhite takes Colombian rocker to some rewarding places on follow-up to Grammy-winning ‘Unplugged’ album. The title track is a stylishly successful mixed marriage of classic conga and fuzzy synthesizers, its irresistible bounce swinging seamlessly into the handclap-driven rocker ‘La Luz’ and the twangy mandolin-and-synth mashup ‘La Verdad’…’Loco de Amor’ is a strong bridge to Juanes’ sound of the future.”
– Sun-Sentinel


“Review: Juanes strikes new territory on new album: Much like love itself, Juanes’ new album ‘Loco de Amor” is deceptive. At first glance, the pop-flavored album seems as upbeat and sweet as a teenage crush. For longtime fans of the Colombian rocker, the sound is unlike the Juanes we know. But on a deeper dive, the album shows itself to be something else. Under the radio-friendly hooks and major chord progressions, there is Juanes’ powerful voice reaching new corners. And, a careful listen to popular rock producer Steve Lillywhite’s mix reveals surprising layers. Keyboard flourishes familiar to Latin dance floors, such as on the opening track “Mil Pedazos” or the single “La Luz,” manage to sound fresh when combined with the album’s driving percussion and Juanes’ passionate vocals. The title track, which features the fantastic Emmanuel del Real of Café Tacvba on keyboard, is especially fun. Juanes is on an acoustic guitar, creating an understated performance. The Grammy-winning singer take[s] on the universally approachable theme of love on his sixth solo album. ..it’s a place likely to pull in listeners just discovering one of Latin America’s biggest stars.” 
-Associated Press



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