Lipstick on the mic Pop up secret concert

Lipstick on the Mic

By Ivette Corona 

Many would say today’s generation is filled with independent, empowered women. Personally speaking, I would agree with this majority. Recently, I had the pleasure to witness three very talented and independent women with an amazing presence on stage when performing live.

 This event took place in the magnificent heart of Hollywood where guests could enjoy a drink and test cool makeup provided by Cover Girl. As the night progressed, the amazing host, MTV celeb, Aleesha Renee opened the evening by warming up the crowd with her sparkling personality.

 Dead right, the first performance of the night enlightened the whole crowd with a soulful voice and distinctive music, a combination of sounds that lifted your mind as you listened and as paid attention to the lyrics. As the evening evolved Andra Day, showed us the pinnacle of her talent. With powerful vocal cords, inimitable voice and exceptional music, Andra Day has a very dominant and rare talent. Her retro soul sound, impeccably created, has the strength to loosen your mind. Surely guests who attended the evening would agree. In my opinion, Andra Day’s musical presence, powerful voice and sense of fashion will create an impression for future crowds and I have no doubt in my mind this lady is a star on the rise.


Last but certainly not least; the night was brought to a close by, the very gifted Maad Moiselle giving a very clear glance of her music and talents . Bringing this eve to a perfect end without a doubt.

 Photos By Ashley Walker

Personal favorite coversfrom Andra Day:


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