Red Bull Latagrafica Edición II

By Ivette Corona

On August 21st 2014 Red Bull proudly launched the popular Latagrafica Edicion II, presenting the eight mural piece created by Wenceslao Quiroz. This intimate event was kicked off at the LA Bakery Co. were people enjoyed cool live music and exquisite appetizers.

Based in East Los Angeles, Quiroz expresses the power of each persona and all the struggles within each individual throughout  his art, “The good and the bad is what inspires me, the worker, his motivation and his reasons to triumph”.

The talented artist also tells us a little about his favorite piece of art and the story behind it, “My favorite painting is ‘El Fruto de la Vida’ is part of a series of paintings I did when I traveled to Palestine, as I wanted to portray the culture and how people deal with daily problems”.

As the eve progressed and the music played the crowd enjoyed the tunes as they danced throughout the soiree, past mural artists came out to show support by enjoying this cool night out  and so did the rest of familiar faces we saw.

For more information on the next location and mural check out:

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