founders1. We are seen The Floor Show grow through the years.What are you most proud of ?
Being invited to come to El Rey Theatre this year. It’s a huge step forward to work with a name like Goldenvoice and be in a bigger venue. It’s an exciting challenge for us that we think we are ready for!
Bringing 54 amazing talents of such a high caliber and variety of genres in one room and being able to share them and their life-long crafts with a broader audience.
Keeping live, original music as a major element in our production.
Having these artists and the passion for the craft be the focus of the show rather than being ambient entertainment or back up entertainment to a “headliner.” THEY are all the stars of this show.
Being consistent every year to put up The Floor Show, despite it being such an ambitious production (technically and financially), along with the challenges of coordinating schedules of top talent that consistently work in town and around the world.
We’re proud that this caliber of artists consistently want and enjoy being a part of our production and make the time and dedication because of the respect and appreciation we demonstrate to them, because we offer them the chance to represent their craft their way as creative collaborators with us, and an incredibly talented Musical Director/Composer that creates original music for their piece, and they also get the opportunity to meet and work with other artists that they may have never before, and end up building new friendships and creative relationships from being participants in our show.
That we can look back, knowing we had nothing but initial encouragement from Mario Melendez (King King owner) and an idea, and that it has grown into something much larger than we could have ever expected. It’s empowering to know that all you need is drive, passion, the willingness to learn and determination to get it done and not wait for “perfect” before trying. We started as two dancers with a vision and now we have a business and production that we know the ins and outs of because we were open to learning and asking along the way, figuring it all out on our own when there was no one to ask, no financial backing, but a lot of support and encouragement from our friends, artistic peers and audiences. This has allowed us to keep going and grow tremendously every year, and pushes us forward towards one of our ultimate goals of having residencies and international tours.

What can the audience expect from this new show?
This year, the audience can expect 8 musicians, 19 genres and 45 performers. It’s our biggest cast yet, in a much larger venue, but we are still keeping the intimate setting by bringing the stages into and around the audience so that you’re immersed in THE FLOOR SHOW.  We have some special surprises – some new numbers, some from the past run, and some from earliest runs. One feature not to be missed is the Sonic Butterfly Harp by Andrea Brook that spans the whole length of the theatre above the audience, so that you’re essentially sitting within the instrument, feeling the vibrations. It is part of our “one-of-a-kind live experiences” that we boast.

How is the casting process to select this incredible artists?
The way that we choose our talent is in a very organic way, usually as witnesses to a moment between artists, natural and unpredictable. Most often it’s from our monthly event at the King King in Hollywood, THE FLOOR IMPROV NIGHT – where musicians and dancers of all genres come together for a live, improvised jam session, with everyone on the floor so there is no separation between musicians, dancers or spectators, hence the name. THE FLOOR Improv Night was the initial inspiration for THE FLOOR SHOW, meant to extend the experience and energy from the Improv Night to a theatre going audience. We’ve been very lucky that talent surrounds us once a month this way, and when we witness an incredible moment, it becomes immediate inspiration that feeds THE FLOOR SHOW. Beyond that, we try as much as possible to support the arts and productions in and around Los Angeles and end up meeting even more incredible talent.

How far do you want to go with this great show and idea for both dancers and musicians?
We have big visions, but will be the first to say that as big as they are, we know there are places we can’t even imagine we’ll go.
Almost 2 years ago, we took our company to the next degree of promoting dance and live music in LA, by forming a 501(c)(3) non-profit, THE OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY, whose mission is to engage underserved youth in the art of improvisation to encourage self-empowerment through movement, dance and music, fostered by a multi-cultural artistic community. Last year, we began a partnership with Heart of Los Angeles (H.O.L.A.) bringing the concept to their enrolled youth through workshops and demonstrations. We feel like this, along with THE FLOOR SHOW and THE FLOOR IMPROV NIGHT, helps reach a variety of public segments that will promote the value of live music, dance and culture through these different conduits and foster the next generation of artists and audiences that will continue to value art in these forms.
After establishing the non-profit, our biggest vision to date, that we see happening in the future is to have all 3 entities working together, like a Transformers becoming Megatron  (80’s babies). We will have a residency as THE FLOOR SHOW (hopefully starting in our own town of LA, but wherever opportunity leads us), THE FLOOR IMPROV NIGHT as the “backstage/afterparty” so that everyone that you just saw perform, you can see actually in their element of jamming with local talent. And then during the week, the talent from both entities, along with local volunteer artists, get the opportunity to directly pass down their craft to youth through our non-profit, THE OPEN FLOOR SOCIETY. Oh, yeah, and the second big vision is to have our own building to do this in….maybe a city block…why limit the dream!

As entrepreneurs and artists, what  brings you ALEGRIA?
The fact that it is now our job to be surrounded by talent but to play a role in keeping it alive in our own special way.
Unexpected, impromptu moments of creativity, inspiration and kindness that we witness all the time because we discovered our passion and continue to follow and cultivate it!
That our significant others, friends, families, peers and audiences are so supportive and give us reason to keep pushing forward. They too always inspire us!
Seeing the artistic community come together and support one another without ego, and really relish in sharing their passions with each other. Seeing connections and people pursuing and hustling for art
Watching artists do what they do, without restraint and with a full-heart – its indescribable and palpable – you feel lucky when you witness it.
Realizing how spoiled we are to be surrounded by such talent that also have such genuine and giving souls. There is a lot of love in our nights and casts.
Last, but definitely not least, the friendship and partnership between us as partners in all of this. We have found something so magical that only came to be when we came together. We had no idea and it has enriched our lives in a way that can never be put into words. Our lives have such a different purpose now and its priceless.

That you are more capable and powerful than you think, if you just try.
It’s up to you to make things happen. Don’t “wait” for help. Help will come if you start helping yourself. It is a risk, but if you believe in it, are smart, learn from your mistakes, just take that step. Don’t worry if the floor is there or not, it will come. And when you are in line, things will come your way. And never expect help, ask, and you’ll be surprised who steps up, it’s not always who you think “should” but many times comes from people you’d never expect.
That you can change the status quo. Don’t be afraid that it might take a lifetime! Artists don’t have to be “starving”. You can be business for your art, and you should be. There are no excuses as long as you have a brain and the willingness.
That we have to learn to play all roles, but learn to delegate once you start growing fast (we’re still learning this one )

In this industry, hustle beats talent a lot of the time. If you have talent, learn to hustle for it. No one will usually do it for you. This doesn’t mean that you have to be full of yourself to do it-you can choose how your “hustling” comes across. Sometimes this means being flexible about how to get your message/product out there, but always maintaining a clear vission of what your message/product is and what it isn’t.

That integrity and honor can still exist in a business and you can choose how you create your world. You’d be surprised by the longevity that comes with your success when you have the right intentions, and how naturally people are drawn to you because of it, even if they can’t pinpoint why.
Being bitter will not move you forward. If you meet a hurdle, it can become an opportunity for creative problem solving and might lead you somewhere even better than you can predict. To do that, you have to quickly get over yourself and move on. I mean, allow yourself to vent (to the right person that “gets you”. For this, we’re lucky to have each other)
Communication is your job, every day learn to be better at it.
Passing it down will always come back to you 10 fold. Sharing your knowledge, expertise and support, will elevate you and everyone else higher than being competitive.

This is what we have learned.



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