Gente De Zona and Los Del Rio premiered their new single at the 2016 Premios Juventud

Gente De Zona and Los Del Rio have teamed up for the ultimate collaboration, bringing together a fresh twist to the Spanish duo’s 1994 smash hit “Macarena.”

The Cuban duo and the renowned dance duo from Spain performed “Mas Macarena,” a new version to the classic dance hit that made everyone dance in the ’90s, and remains a favorite today. Both Gente de Zona and Los Del Rio kicked off the 2016 Premios Juventud awards show in its “Throwback” edition by presenting their new single, and had everyone in the audience and back home dancing to the electrifying jam. Gente de Zona also took home one award for “Combinación Perfecta” alongside Marc Anthony thanks to their hit “La Gozadera”.

“Mas Macarena” was born after singers Antonio Romero Monge and Rafael Ruíz Perdigones of Los Del Rio got in touch with Gente De Zona’s Randy Malcom and Alexander Delgado with the idea of recording a new version of “Macarena.” Los Del Rio had their eyes set on Gente De Zona, due to the Cuban pair’s success in Spain.

“Mas Macarena,” which is just as addicting as the original single but with the one-of-a-kind flavor of Gente de Zona, hits all digital platforms Friday, July 15. The forthcoming music video was filmed in Cuba and promises the ultimate dance experience.

Gente De Zona continues to promote their latest single “Algo Contigo” and their album “Visualízate,” under Magnus Media/Sony Music Latin.

The Cuban duo is also heading to their next international Tour:

* Murcia, Spain- July 22, 2016
* Tarragona, Spain- July 23, 2016
* Valencia, Spain- July 24, 2016
* Leganes, Spain- July 29, 2016
* Marbella, Spain- July 30, 2016
* Barcelona, Spain- July 31, 2016
* Estocolmo, Sweden- August 3rd, 2016
* Milan, Italy- August 5th, 2016
* Rome, Italy- August 6, 2016
* Almendralejo, Spain- August 12, 2016
* Marbella, Spain- August 13, 2016
* Arequipa, Peru- August 14, 2016

If you still haven’t bought the album “Visualízate”, under the label Magnus Media/Sony Music Latin, you can get the album on iTunes by clicking the following link:

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