The Beautiful World of KATARINA VAN DERHAM


1.As a successful woman in Hollywood, how have you dealt with stereotypes and what is your advice for women who may be dealing with this issue?

Being seen for who others wanted me to be and not for who I really was wasn’t easy. It used to bother me a lot. The industry is still dominated by men and many want to see women like myself as a sex object. No one cared that I have an Oxford degree and that I love to talk politics. It’s the reason why I stepped out of the industry a few years back. I refused role after role. I didn’t want to play bimbos, so I told myself that I’d rather leave and return when I get older. I wanted to succeed as an actress but I felt if I sold out, it will damage my self-esteem in the long run. I also felt I would regret my choices and I never wanted to have any regrets. I think the key is to “own it”. To learn to be confident and witty because if you set a goal for yourself, nothing should stop you from achieving it. Sometimes you might just have to take a detour to get to it.


2.Beauty, brains and a philanthropic heart. Do you believe in life it is possible to have it all? You seem to have it all!!!
How do you balance your personal life and career?

Yes, you can have it all. Sometimes just not all at the same time. While nothing lasts forever, I believe you can achieve goal after goal that you set for yourself. For the first time in my life I feel I have it all. I am content and that was my goal.

Having a philanthropic heart is strength, not weakness. And it only adds beauty to the one who possesses it.

I was never good at balancing my personal life and career. So I decided to merge both into one – just life. I live and breathe my work. Things I used to do for fun have become my job. Next week, I have to go to Disneyland to review their new attractions, and that’s my job. I get paid for it. And I have to go to Grand Canyon to do white water rafting for one of the episodes for my docu-series. Even better, I will visit an exotic island and do a photoshoot there while staying at a 5 star resort. Often times I get to do all this with my man and/or my friends who work with me. Traveling used to be my biggest hobby, my getaway. Now it’s my job and that’s my balance.

3.    What is your joy?

My joy is my everyday life. Because I am in a very good place, my whole life is a joy. I am very blessed I still have both of my parents who love me dearly. I am with the man of my dreams who I met almost 20 years ago. And I have friends everyone can only wish for. My pets are the sweetest pets. I feel LOVED. Everyday.

4.    In your opinion, what makes a woman truly sexy?

A woman is sexy if she feels sexy. She becomes her thoughts and therefore will exude sexiness. How others perceive her is subjective. What I find sexy is a package of qualities. It’s how she carries herself, how she looks into someone’s eyes, how she talks. She has to be classy, yet sassy. Trashy to me is not sexy, but I know many men find it sexy.

5.    You play many roles as an actress, model, entrepreneur and visionary,
Which do you enjoy the most?

In general I am an artist. I like to express myself creatively every day whether I act, dance or work on a marketing strategy for my business. I sort of live on a cloud and I like it there. But recently, I started to enjoy shooting my docu-series called “The 90s Girl” where I’m sharing my story. To dig deep down and tell a story can be difficult for me. I am very emotional and sometimes it’s hard for me to keep it together. But that is also what makes me a good actress. That’s why I’ve just learned to own who I am and love myself for the way I am.


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