From Disney: Interview with Visual Development artist Neysa Bove

Neysa Bove is one of the most influential Visual Development artists at Disney.
She is young, talented and inspirational for all artists out there who want to push their abilities to the next level.

We got an exclusive opportunity to chat with her at ALEGRIA

1. As a visual artist, everything begins with actual sketches, it is not computer generated as many believe…

Every piece has to be created.
Drawings become a model before the actual animation process.

2. How did you get inspired for Moana?

There is a great deal of research that goes into creating a world like this. It takes months and an incredible
group of experts and researchers to make it all come together.
But it all comes from their stories and of course, the last part is always imagination.

3. Where do you feel more inspired to create?

Finding a comfortable and peaceful space is always very important for me.
Peace is important for creation. But there must always be balance between engaging with your creative team and also your own creative time.

I must say, some of my best work is under pressure. As artists we never know when we will get that stroke of genious.

4. Best piece of advice for young artists looking to enter the Visual Development field?

Take as many Fashion design, animation, character design courses as possible. Also, be very specific to the type of job you want to pursue and educate yourself about it fully.

5. What brings you ALEGRIA?
Working at Disney brings me joy. I get to work for Disney !!! It’s a dream!!!!
Working with an immense cool of talent is the best part of my job.

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