Modeling allows you to be a role model for other women: Bozena Zag

1. What is your inspiration to pursue your dreams?
 My children inspire me to do it all. They are very happy & positive children and I am very close to them. My dad inspires me  about real state and how to be in such a business.  None of this is a chore for me to do. None of it is a “must ” do. It’s something that I started building at a difficult time in my life but kept pursuing it. When going through a difficult time in your life, you get stronger and stronger each day and such pain makes you follow your passions even more. Even if it’s starting from scratch.
         2. Why is modeling a way to communicate your message to the world?
Modeling is not just having that perfect body or perfect face. Everyone has their own unique look and you have to be comfortable in your own skin by knowing that. Once you do and once you know that in yourself it’s that much easier to continue on that path of what  you want to do. By being a model you can become a good role model helping other women that may be struggling to strive to start their own path and career.
  3. What is the best part of being a bilingual and bicultural model in today’s industry?
It gives you way more options.  Being bilingual and bicultural in today’s industry is the way that you can show others that there’s so much more out there to seek. There are more options in this industry, especially being bilingual. It’s amazing knowing two languages that most people appreciate and can be very helpful to them.
 4. What advice do you give young ladies who want to make it in the modeling industry and build a solid career for years to come?
 You are brave just starting it. You need to have or build self – confidence. But that doesn’t mean being arrogant. It only means to be comfortable in your own skin and knowing who you are. To be genuine. As far as working with photographers, please  do research on them beforehand and before agreeing on a photoshoot or any deal for that matter. Google them, look at their portfolio. I can’t stress that enough. As it can be very dangerous if you don’t.
5. What brings you Joy in life?

My three beautiful children. I can’t stress that enough. Anyone that knows me knows that about me. It may be not easy at times especially as a single parent, but taking care of my children is never a chore. Doing it all for them is what I enjoy. Life is great. It’s honestly what we make of it.  Being with my closest girls that know exactly who they are bring joy into my life as well. Positive souls that truly only mean well. Very hard to come these days. All of that is a healthy living, happy lifestyle.

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