Patty Delgado/Entrepreneur

By: Carla Pineda

The term “hija de tu madre” conjures up the funniest memories of my mami looking in the mirror after my young niece gave her the most hideous makeovers. I picture her saying it while smiling and scolding me from heaven as I struggle through a well-earned cruda. I can hear her whispering it in my ear, at the stage of any award I win in the future or on the other side of any obstacle I overcome. Soy muy hija de mi madre, chingona y a veces llorona. And Patty Delgado’s brand Hija de Tu Madre strikes that chord all too well.

Based out of Los Angeles, her online shop carries products that encourage Latin women to wear our heritage on our sleeves while honoring the matriarch in our lives. Delgado is 100 percent about helping us embrace the duality of our culture as women in the U.S. of Latin descent.

“It’s super important to take up as much space as possible during a time when people of color are under so much scrutiny,” Delgado says. “I’m really proud to be a Latina entrepreneur that’s helping bring more positive visibility to our community.

Whether her customers walk down the street in a sequined Virgencita de Guadalupe denim jacket or map their day with their Echale Ganas planner, Delgado celebrates the individuality that a Latinx mujxr brings into any room.

This year, Delgado is focusing on products and content that inspires us to pursue our dreams and flex our jefa genes with her #makejefamoves products.

“I’m thrilled to share more Hija de tu Madre products and content that inspire our Jefa customers to tackle all their big dreams this year,” she says.

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