Tarrah Jewelry

Their jewelry company has more than fifteen years of experience and knowledge in jewelry with multiple certificates from GIA with incomparable reputation in the products quality. They offer dynamic jewelry manufactured with 18k solid gold and sterling silver with high quality diamonds and real stones. Their fulfillment capabilities of design with the source of inspiration and story behind each product allows them confidently present their pieces. Their workflow in manufacturing, setting and finishing final product ensures optimized productivity of the pieces. They identify new fashion trends for every upcoming year to design modern pieces for our jewelry collections.

1. When did your passion for jewelry begin? The mother of the family, Mina Tarrah, sinked in jewelry industry when Arash and Aida were young kids. She is from an artistic family with an artist dad with passion for sculpture. Mina studied all jewelry courses related to this field (gemology, design, diamond cut, marketing …) and worked with high end jewelry brands. While Arash was studying civil engineering and getting his BA degree started to work in jewelry business. After, he graduated from university, he gained couple certificates in gemology and jewelry fields. The girl of the family, Aida, started designing since she was 11 years old. She studied fashion design while she was designing for family business and gained her BA from fashion design school. When she moved to the US, studied jewelry design in GIA and gained multiple certificates from there.


2.What inspires to create one of a kind jewelry pieces? The Tarrah family since the first day started to create new jewelry pieces combined with art and creativity. The passion of seeing new born pieces create a joyfully feeling which is incomparable with anything.

3. What brings you Joy as an entrepreneur and creator? What brings joy to us is selling our pieces to customers who appreciate the value and uniqueness of our products which are made of love and passion.

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