Nalip Media Summit

This year’s Latino Media Awards is going to be a spectacular event, highlighting the best of Latinx content and talent! Meet your Outstanding Achievement in Television and Tech Arts Innovator Award recipients:

Outstanding Achievement in Television

NALIP is excited to announce the Outstanding Achievement in TV Award to talented actress MJ Rodriguez! Not only is she an actress on FX’s hit series, Pose,but she is also using her platform to advocate for the LGBTQI+ community. We will be celebrating Rodriguez’s accomplishments and impact at the 2019 NALIP Media Summit.

Tech Arts Innovator

We are delighted to present this year’s Tech Arts Innovator Award toAcademy Award-winning production designer Eugenio Caballero! Caballero’swork on sets like Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth havegarnered him critical acclaim and have established him as a powerhouse of creativityin the industry. NALIP will celebrate Caballero and his incredible career at #NMS19.

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On Friday, July 26th, this panel will feature an array of LGBTQI+content creators who are successfully navigating the entertainmentindustry. We seek to facilitate a dynamic conversation on the stateand importance of LGBTQI+ representation in the media.

Unscripted, Unprecedented

This panel will discuss the role that unscripted programming hasplayed in bringing to the center, unprecedented stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. Join us on Friday, July 26th!

A Signature Conversation with Tanya Saracho

Join us on Friday, July 26th for a signature conversation with playwright,writer, and producer Tanya Saracho, as she guides us through herexemplary journey from staff writer for shows like “How to Get Awaywith Murder” to creating the critically acclaimed series Vida.  

#WeAreInclusion Roundtable

This panel will highlight academics who have actively beenfighting to make a change by researching topics related to underrepresented communities in media, and will include theirtake on the conversation surrounding inclusion in theentertainment industry. Join us on Saturday, July 27th!

 A Pilot Crash Course

 Make sure to catch these industry professionals speak upon what it takesto put a pilot together as they delve into what it takes to create the bestintroduction. Join us on Saturday, July 27th!

See the full list of panels, awardees, speakers andsponsors on our NALIP Media Summit website!

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