Promoting Self-Love – Artist and Writer Kim Guerra Reminds Other That They Are Worthy

Kim Guerra is the artist, writer, and entrepreneur who created Brown Badass Bonita, a brand and a movement that offer apparel and art based on self-love, as well as on love for the LatinX community.

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX
of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

¡Gracias! ¡Es un honor! I hope to continue having an impact on our community by continuing to write, create, collaborate with other LatinX creatives, and organize and host more workshops. One of my goals is to engage the community through workshops centered on healing, creativity, and poetry.

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who doubts her power?

Mujer, you are worthy.
Tú puedes.
Remember who you are.
Eres la victoria de tus ancestros Solo por existir.

Whatever your battle
Whatever your dreams–
Tú puedes.
The courage of a thousand generations La luz of a thousand suns
Runs through your veins.

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided
to own your power?

The moment that changed my life was when I decided to love myself and live accordingly. This became my revolution and I never looked back. I left unhealthy relationships, wrote a book, did a book tour, and moved to Los Angeles. I committed to my healing, my work, myself, and my glow. I owned my power because I was tired of making myself small.

What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

2019 has taught me to glow. It’s taught me to spread my wings and believe in myself. It’s been a year of doing things because I want to, because I deserve it, and because I can.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

I am looking forward to dreaming bigger dreams and making them a reality. I’m also looking forward to settling into Los Angeles, finishing up my master’s degree, and traveling.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

Queens empowering queens bring me ALEGRIA.

What is a quote that you love?

Women of color gathering together is magic. Let’s make magic, Reinas.”

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