Gloria Martinez Goyo

Gloria Martinez aka Goyo continues to inspire Afro Latinas all over the world & women to go after their dreams

Gloria Martinez aka Goyo is a singer, MC and producer, cofounder of Chocquibtown, born in Condoto – Chocó in the Colombian pacific coast, heiress of a musical family in which her mother and aunt helped her cultivate her melodic voice while her father also encouraged her love for music. She is the heart and soul of the band and the African beauty par excellence.

We got a chance to share some quality time with her this year during the Latin Grammys week in Las Vegas.

So nice to see you again Goyo, since I saw you last you have become a mother and a designer as well, tell me about this new cycle in your life as a designer:

Designing for me is an extension of art, fashion allows me to communicate another part of myself just like music. I have always loved to create my own clothes and I also like to find cool designers who are creating great things. It is a new way to connect with my fans.

Coming from a place where opportunities do not abound, do you feel the responsibility to inspire women there in El Chocó…

I do feel a great responsibility to help these women to work for their dreams like those people who helped me when I wanted to fulfill mine. Dreaming and believing in yourself is key and having people that can support you is essential.

And now, let’s talk about becoming a mother…

I feel like I was reborn. It has been such a beautiful experience and a lot of women artists may think that once you have kids, you can’t continue living your dreams and that is not the case for me. Since I have my daughter, I am even more focused. I feel that if you have your dreams clear, being a mother just makes you even more motivated & stronger.

Working with family…

Es Hermoso! We are all about family. Working with Tostao and Slow is great. There is no competition between us and we have never had issues for money or anything like that. When one shines more we just get happy together. Our dream is a collective dream. What’s coming this 2019… Lots of Music and working on our USA tour & promoting Pa’ Olvidarte, which will also sound a lot this 2019! We are just so happy to keep learning & so grateful to God for allowing to keep putting the name of Colombia por lo alto.

And Goyo, before you go to enjoy the Latin Grammys, what’s your ALEGRIA…

Besides my family and music, I love connecting with people, besides touching people’s hearts through music, being able to give or receive advice and connect, connect with people.

ABOUT Chocquibtown Choc (Chocó) Quib (Quibdó) Town (our town), Colombian hip-hop and alternative music band. Has become one of the most internationally wellknown Latin American bands. Mixing urban sounds with folklore from the pacific coast region, they initially achieved success independently and now with Sony Music Latin have become a group of musicians, ambassadors of Colombian music in the world. Their sound merges funk, hip hop, reggae, pop, Latin rhythms and elements of electronic music to produce elaborate beats resulting in a blend of flavors. Nominated several times to the prestigious Latin Grammys, they won a Grammy in 2010 for the song “De donde vengo yo”. In 2011, they accompanied the Argentinian Diego Torres and the Brazilian Ivette Sangalo singing the America’s Cup hymn “Creo en América”. Chocquibtown released its first record titled “Somos Pacífico” in 2006, which opened the doors to Colombia’s heart, produced by Iván Benavidez and Ernesto Santos. Their two most recent albums “Eso Es Lo Que Hay” earned a gold record for sales and in December 2013 they released the album “Behind The Machine”, which they were nominated to the regulars Grammys latest. They were invited by Carlos Vives to participate in the song “El Mar De Sus Ojos” (Debuted #1 on the Billboard chart) and went on tour with him in Colombia, Puerto Rico, Miami and Los Angeles. The song was nominated to the Latin Grammys. They also collaborated with Carlos Santana in his most recent record Corazón with Ziggy Marley. In 2015 they are releasing their new album produced by the multi-awarded Andrés Castro. This 2018 Pa’ Olvidarte was launched and they are currently planning their 2019 USA tour.

Chocquibtown Choc (Chocó) Quib (Quibdó) Town (nuestro pueblo), agrupación colombiana de hip hop y música alternativa. Se ha convertido en una de las bandas latinoamericanas con mayor renombre internacional. Mediante la mezcla de sonidos urbanos y folclor del litoral pacífico, lograron el éxito de manera independiente en sus inicios y ahora de la mano de Sony Music Latin se convierten en el grupo de músicos que son embajadores de la música colombiana en el mundo. Su sonido fusiona funk, hip hop, reggae, pop, ritmos latinos y elementos de la música electrónica para producir elaborados beats que resultan en una mezcla de sabores. Nominados en varias oportunidades a los prestigiosos premios Latin Grammys. Ganadores del gramófono dorado en 2010 por la canción “De donde vengo yo”. En 2011 acompañaron al argentino Diego Torres y la brasilera Ivette Sangalo interpretando el himno de la Copa América “Creo en América”. Chocquibtown lanzó su primer disco titulado “Somos Pacífico” en el 2.006, el cual les abre las puertas del corazón de Colombia con la producción de Iván Benavidez y Ernesto Santos. Sus dos más recientes álbumes “Eso Es Lo Que Hay” recibieron disco de oro por ventas y en diciembre de 2013 lanzaron al mercado “Behind The Machine” álbum con que fueron nominados a los Grammy Anglo mas recientes. Fueron invitados por Carlos Vives para participar en la canción “El Mar De Sus Ojos” (Debutó en Billboard como #1) y así mismo acompañaron la gira que el astro samario tuvo en Colombia, Puerto Rico, Miami y Los Ángeles. Además el tema fue nominado en los Latin Grammys. También tuvieron colaboración con Carlos Santana en su más reciente disco Corazón junto a Ziggy Marley. Para 2015 lanzan su nuevo disco producido por el múltipremiado Andrés Castro. Lanzaron este 2018, Pa’ Olvidarte y estan organizando su gira por USA para este 2019.

Gloria Martinez GOYO


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