“CÓMO PERDONAR”: The New Single From Making Movies features Rúben Blades and Mariachi Flor De Toloache, Dedicated To Those Suffering At The Border

Latinx psych-rockers and activists Making Movies have joined forces with salsa icon Rubén Blades and Flor De Toloache to release “Cómo Perdonar,” a song dedicated to those who have suffered at our world’s borders. “Cómo Perdonar” starts with the powerful voice of Blades whose introduction establishes the intention of the lyrics and Flor De Toloache adds a delicate touch to the song as they join the chorus hook which translates to “teach me how to forgive.”

The lyrics of “Cómo Perdonar” are written through the lens of parent who has lost a child because of the injustices that occur at the borders of our nations.  Enrique Chi, singer-songwriter for Making Movies, explains, “One night I couldn’t sleep thinking about the suffering that parents must feel separated from their children.  The situation with families separated at the border remains and while the newsreel changes subject every minute, these families woke today within the same nightmare.”

On January 18th, Making Movies and Rubén Blades released the song “No Te Calles,” with a movement that urges artists and the general public to raise their voice in the face of corruption and injustice.  “Cómo Perdonar” is the second chapter of this story where you find Making Movies doing exactly what they have asked of the public, this time using their platform to rally around the issue of family separations at the border.

The powerful voice of Blades soars over the explosive guitars and the rumbero percussion of Making Movies, produced by the legendary Steve Berlin, member of Los Lobos. “Cómo Perdonar” can be seen as a continuation of the movement on NoTeCalles.World, a web portal where artists and fans can record their voices onto a chorus that will be added to the song. All the contributions will be stitched together in a musical and technological experiment called ‘Making Movies and Rubén Blades ft. The World.’  

“Rubén wrote a new song (No Te Calles) that summarized the essence of our band,” says Enrique Chi. “We met in New York after Rubén shouted us out on the red carpet of the Latin GRAMMY’s,” and from there the idea of collaborating began.  “He asked for the lyrics (of our album I Am Another You),” says Chi. “We had made a record about the interconnectivity of the human race through the lens of our cousins’ experiences.

I sent him these ideas and he came back with ‘No Te Calles.'” Inspired by the poetry of Blades on “No Te Calles” the band entered the studio to record ameri’kana featuring artists that align with the cause. Among the collaborators are Rubén Blades, Los Lobos, Flor de Toloache, Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli, and Las Cafeteras. Rubén Blades and Making Movies will share the stage for the first time at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City on November 20th.

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