Interview With Yarel Ramos

Sometimes we just need to dig deep inside of us, learn how to trust our intuition, learn how to follow or lead and our heart, dig into ourselves very truly, and whatever it is that motivates us and inspires us, that’s where we’ll find those things that make us who we are and that will eventually lead us to a very happy place where we’ll find our Alegria.”

 Reventon’s host Yarel Ramos has embarked on a new mission, on Toyota’s “Go Prius Campaign,” through which she, along with other Hispanic personalities, seek to help save planet Earth.

Ramos’s decision to participate in this campaign, for which she “was really excited about, as [she’s] been wanting a Toyota Prius for a long time,” is to raise awareness in the Hispanic community about the importance of being environmentally friendly. Ramos will be exposing her experiences driving her “friendly, big, yet easy to maneuver and extremely light” Prius through twitter and facebook “to expose to [people], especially Latino youth, how cool it is to drive a Prius, how important it is to be ecofriendly and environmentally aware of what [they] do.” Ramos says she “loves her Prius and will definitely keep driving it after this campaign.”

Aside from sharing her experiences driving an eco friendly car, Ramos shares Regional Mexican music with thousands, if not millions of viewers on a weekly basis. Ramos has been the host of mun2’s Reventon since 2006, and since, has become the largest-reaching original Regional Mexican music show on cable and television, which Ramos says she “honestly does not believe because its rare for an original show to be running for so long.”

Ramos, who expresses she is “extremely flattered, proud, and thankful to the fans, to the viewers, and excited to have [a] space where [she] gets to celebrate and showcase the Regional Mexican music,” also expresses the great responsibility that comes with fame, which caught her off guard. For Ramos fame is “extremely difficult, it’s a huge responsibility to have eyes on [her] all the time, people wanting to know things about [her], about [her] life, about what [she’s] doing.” Yet she admits “that it’s fun, that it’s nice to know that people care about [her], that they want to be in touch with [her], and that they like to watch [her].” As much as Ramos loves, and is thankful for, being the host of Reventon, she mentions that “down the line, in a few years, [she] would definitely want to go into hard news, into news relating to social justice, social programs, politics, and [her] community, as it was what she initially intended to do when she earned her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism.

Whatever it is Ramos embarks on next, you can be sure she will have great success, as she is a hard worker who is always striving for more, something she credits her parents with, whom she described as being her backbone.  

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