How could we ever forget La Santa Cecilia? 

For those of you, you have been a part of ALEGRIA from the very first day, then you remember that it was La Santa Cecilia, the band that played and made us danced at our Launch Party sponsored by VIDA LEXUS.

Back then, both of our dreams were in that beginning stage of early hope and enthusiasm  and as time has passed and  we  have both continue to grow; we can’t  help but relate to the magic process of art growing in the hearts of people little by little until it erupts in waves of social change and a cultural revolution of JOY.

Because La Santa Cecilia is pure ALEGRIA, one can feel it immediately through Marisol’s voice, deep and grounded, mystical, yet always hitting close home. The genuine connection that she has with her audience is what keeps setting her apart from the rest and the band members are just the perfect family in which to  play such  vibrant melodies of JOY               – Always with a smile and the right uplifting message-

The story of La Santa Cecilia is a universal story of Triumph, the unexpected ways in which art surpasses the limitations of life for as they said yesterday when they took their Grammy for Best Latin Rock/ Alternative album ” We come from immigrant families. This Grammy is dedicated to the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the U.S.”

We celebrate with them this amazing accomplishment that will always make us remember  our very first days when we decided that our voice will be the  song of ALEGRIA  for our community! 




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