The mission of ALEGRÍA Bilingual Bookstores & Arts Collective is to educate, inspire and make a difference in our community through bilingual reading programs, book publishing & the performing arts for at risk youth and underserved communities.

We are committed to increasing the representation of LatinX writers and their books across schools, libraries and bookstores.

When you donate and support ALEGRIA Bilingual Bookstores & Art Collectives, you are supporting an artist’s dream and funding our book publishing, public speaking & performance arts academy for a future generation of LatinX artists and visionaries.

ABOUT ALEGRÍA Bilingual Bookstores & Arts Collective

Los Angeles has a population of about 39,538,223– with a Latina/Latino population of approximately 48.6% – yet it has very limited options on Bilingual literature inside bookstores written by LatinX authors and poets, full-fledged Arts Academies and academic curriculum that offers access to cultural references for youth and young adults.

ALEGRíA began as a Bilingual magazine back on 2012. Since day one, its mission has been to uplift and highlight the positive contributions of Latina/Latino artists and creatives in media and entertainment. Alegría Bilingual Magazine was founded by Colombian American writer, poet and entrepreneur, Davina A. Ferreira.

Nowadays, ALEGRÍA is a multimedia and publishing company as well as a mobile bookstore serving different communities in Los Angeles County and bringing the beauty of Latina/Latino writers and literature to the streets, schools and cultural events.

Wanting to expand and grow her mission, Ferreira is now set to open her non-profit to provide year-round on-site and off-site free or low-cost creative writing, public speaking, performance arts and wellness for LatinX writers, artists and creative entrepreneurs.

Aware of the positive social impact it can engender, the organization practices social engagement through our community events, internship opportunities, and since 2019 also offers the Alegría Fest: a two day arts and wellness festival for Latina artists and creatives.

Other projects include Alegría Publishing, one of the country’s leading LatinX book publishing indie presses with over 30 titles by the end of 2021.


Why does diversity in publishing matter?

The book industry has the power to shape culture in big and small ways. The people behind the books serve as gatekeepers, who can make a huge difference in determining which stories are amplified and which are shut out. If the people who work in publishing are not a diverse group, how can diverse voices truly be represented in its books?