Red Bull Music Academy Panamérika Releases New Collaborative Track from AJ Davila and Natalia Clavier

‘A Call’ Available As Exclusive Free Download from August 25-31


Red Bull Music Academy Panamérika announces the release of a new collaborative track from buzz-heavy artists, AJ Davila and Natalia Clavier. Titled “A Call,”the track was penned and recorded at the Red Bull Studios in Santa Monica in a single session while the artists were fresh off their critically acclaimed performances at SXSW. While in Austin, the two wowed fans and critics alike at the Nacional Records showcase, planting the seed for their collaboration at the Red Bull Studios.  The chemistry between these artists, from seemingly polar opposite spectrums of music, was immediate and undeniable.
What makes this collaboration so unique is the seamless merging of two unlikely styles. Davila, best known for fronting the Puerto Rican garage/punk band, Davila 666, has earned a reputation for heavy rock with a rough edge. Davila’s solo release, Terror Amor (Nacional Records, 2014), expanded Davila’s style and was received as one of the best albums of 2014 by top music outlets, including NPR, Spin and Pitchfork for its fresh R&B-inspired glam rock sound.
Natalia Clavier, on the other hand, is known as the sweet, sultry voice of Thievery Corporation. The Argentine-born, Brooklyn-based singer has charmed diverse audiences around the world for years with her jazzy vocal styling, often performing with her husband Federico Aubele. Her last solo album, Lumen (Nacional Records, 2013), also garnered glowing reviews for its sophisticated vocals and ethereal production.
The coming together of two distinct styles proves music from different genres can blend into something beautiful.
“After checking some of AJ Davila’s songs I felt a bit scared because his style was so out of my element, but at the same time I really liked his attitude, a true rocker,” describes Clavier.
The collaboration was also initially a challenge for Davila, but getting to know Natalia on a deeper level in the studio changed all that.
“Working alongside Natalia was a great blessing and a great challenge at the same time. I admire Natalia’s career and body of work. We come from different genres, but we live in the same musical universe. We live similar lives–lives spent mostly on the road. I feel this similarity served as the catalyst towards making this track possible,” says Davila.
Grammy-winning producer, Adrian Quesada (Grupo Fantasma, The Echocentrics and Ocate Soul Sounds), wasable to capture the magic between the two resulting in a production oozing with lush, velvety vocals and soulful melodies overheavy guitar riffs.
The idea of bringing in the super versatile producer Adrian Quesada to the picture changed the way the whole thing felt,” adds Natalia.  AJ ends with “‘A Call’ is an homage to the artists trying to do something they love and will not settle for a life without music.”
Music fans can download “A Call” via free download from August 25-31 by visiting:

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