Aura Vasquez Los Angeles

Aura Vasquez – Transforming Los Angeles

Aura Vasquez, Running for City Council, Intends to Find Solutions to Homeless and Public Transit Issues

Aura Vasquez has spent the past decade working on the most transformative issues in Los Angeles. She fought to get driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants, and for better housing practices and community benefits as a neighborhood Council representative. She fought to get Los Angeles off of coal and gas, and to create a pipeline for green jobs as a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power commissioner. Now, she is running for Los Angeles city council.

Congratulations on being chosen as one of our LatinX of Impact this year. How do you hope to continue to create impact in our community?

I am running for Los Angeles city council to continue serving my community by finding solutions to our homelessness crisis, building more parks, improving public transit, and making sure our city is the best it can be for all of us!

It is vital to see real women like us being represented in media and inspiring younger generations. What advice can you give a woman who
doubts her power?

It takes a lot of courage to follow your dreams. When you are doubting your power, remember that every day is an opportunity to work towards your goal. The most important thing is to take that next step and move forward. Stepping into your own power can be scary, but you must! We need more empowered women in the world.

Was there a key moment for you when you finally decided to own your power?

There are a few moments in my life when I certainly owned my power. One of them was when I decided to run for office. I knew it was going to be hard, but following my calling has been incredibly rewarding, and also one of the most radical actions I have ever taken in my life.

What’s the main lesson 2019 taught you?

You are stronger than you think. Life is full of challenges, and in the face of them we must step up. Be resilient, and trust that your journey is taking you exactly where you need to be.

What are you looking forward to in 2020?

More adventures in nature and being the first AfroLatina Councilwoman of Los Angeles.

What brings you ALEGRIA?

Dancing, art show openings, and working alongside my community. It’s a blessing to serve people; I feel honored.

What is a quote that you love?

“You just have to keep going.”

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