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Vanessa Caraveo – The Latinx Poetry Project

Vanessa Caraveo is a bestselling and award-winning bilingual author, published poet, illustrator, artist and inspirational speaker who has a passion for promoting inclusion for all and helping others discover the power within to overcome adversity. She is involved with various organizations that assist children and adults with disabilities and enjoys working with non-profit groups to promote literacy. Her work brings focus to many social issues, and she has been published in literary magazines, multiple anthologies and for various organizations in which she aspires to continue making a positive difference in many lives through her service to others and literature as a whole.

1. When did your love for poetry begin?

From a young age, I found writing to be a great outlet for expressing myself, enabling me to share my perspective on various subjects, which motivated me to enter a number of writing and poetry contests. My success with these writing contests led to having my first poem published at 12 years old and further served as motivation to continue growing, not only in poetry but in writing in general. I went on to author poetry collections in addition to writing books for all ages and have had my work published for  various literary magazines, anthologies and organizations in which I aspire to continue to use my writing to help make a positive impact on many people’s lives. 


2. Where do you envision taking your writing?

I envision being able to share meaningful messages on a wide variety of important issues to individuals of all groups and diverse backgrounds, breaking any language barriers that may continue to exist today by providing language accessibility in literacy, which I have been able to do as a bilingual author, poet and writer. With the realization of how important literacy is, especially in the Latino community and for our youth, I have authored award-winning books, in both English and Spanish, as well as poetry that help emphasize the importance and many benefits of literacy. I have also used my writing to raise awareness on many vital social issues that exist which require affirmative action in order to implement change.


3. If you could change the world through your poetry, what would be your message to heal the world?

In today’s society, we continue to recognize that considerable change is still needed when it comes to inclusion and acceptance. I knew in my heart that I wanted to use my writing and other methods to make a positive impact. Throughout the years, I have had the great privilege of being a member, volunteer, and sponsor for various disability organizations and nonprofit groups, and I was also designated as an official ambassador for my state of Texas, where I am passionate and dedicated to raising disability awareness and promoting inclusion for all individuals. Through poetry, my message is that we need to come to the realization that only when we truly accept others for who they are can we grow as a society and equally benefit from each other. Empathy and a greater understanding for others of different walks of life should be emphasized, since we can learn a great deal from one another when we do not close ourselves off to other perspectives. Instead, we must realize we are all human and are all God’s children designed uniquely to share with one another and help each other in our own special way on this journey called life.


4. What brings you ALEGRIA?

I find alegria in being able to share my experiences with others with the purpose of spreading light in order to help them on their journeys. I was inspired by my own experiences to write an inspirational novel which raises disability awareness as well as shows the importance inclusion plays in today’s society with the hope that this story will inspire others to never stop believing in themselves. I want others to understand the power we all possess to turn our dreams into reality and defy any adversity in life. When we share our personal light with others, we have the power to make a positive difference in this world. By believing in ourselves, we can rise above any challenge and scale any hurdle in our way. Our spontaneous reactions to any challenge will go a long way in defining how resounding our success is. If we persevere, bide our time, and buckle down to do what is necessary, we will succeed in living up to our fullest potential.


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