Veronica Alanis – Advanced Design Engineer

Originally from Mexico, Veronica obtained an Industrial Design degree to then study MSc in Sustainable Design at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. After graduating, Veronica worked as a Grad Design Engineer in the Electromechanical Industry before joining Dyson in 2016.

At Dyson, Veronica worked in New Product Development for the Personal Care Category as a Design Engineer. Veronica was part of the team that developed and launched the Airwrap hair-styler and since then has worked in structural design, system performance and product verification in both Singapore and UK RDD centers. 

Currently Veronica is an Advanced Design Engineer working as the Personal Care Category Engineer for China, based in Shanghai, where she focus on New Product Development Research.

1. Veronica, how do you combine your passion for beauty and technology?

Growing up I was curious in understanding how things worked, whether that was my first bicycle or my early 2000’s digital camera. I thought that by understanding their functionality better, I was going to be able to ride faster and take better pictures. This certainly made me passionate about technology and that is how I ended up pursuing my degree in Industrial Design. 

Something similar happened with my interest for health and beauty, born from the appreciation that most things we do to our bodies – exercise, food, sleep – generally have an effect on the long run and can help us perform (and look) better.

I believe I combine my passion for technology (how can we make products that work better) with beauty (how can these products give people amazing hairstyles immediately but most importantly, look after their hair’s health on the long run!). 


2. What is the most rewarding aspect of being an Engineer at Dyson?

Learning something new almost every day. Sometimes that is a technical element and sometimes that is an insight about our users and their behavior. I do not think two weeks in Dyson have ever looked the same to me – there is always a different aspect about engineering that we can explore. This allows us to be part of the process from the initial stage all the way to when it reaches the user’s hands. It is quite rewarding knowing that you have tried to consider everything you have learned on the way to the final product.


3. How has your bicultural heritage inspire your work?

Having the opportunity to live in different places and meet people from all sorts of backgrounds certainly makes me appreciate life (and problems) from more angles than my own point of view. That is what I believe brings the most value to my work as an engineer (and ultimately, as a problem-solver). Knowing that there is more than one correct answer inspires me to look for all of the answers!


4. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Dipping in water after a long run. A good meal after a busy Sunday. And generally spending time with the people I love (particularly if there are dogs involved).



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