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Veronica Lopez is a 22 year old Mexican-American actress and writer, born to two immigrant parents and a family of seven. She has had a love for words and stories since she was a little girl, and has been writing for as long as she can remember. It wasn’t until she started journaling for her therapy sessions, that something deeper started to come through, and she realized she had a way with metaphors and unique imagery, which was the birth of her poetry. When she’s not writing, she spends her time trying to follow her dream of becoming an actress in both theatre and film. Like many writers, she hopes to find her own book on the shelves next to the same authors that she’s looked up to one day, and she also hopes to make some kind of difference in the world using her voice, art, and self expression.


1. When did your love for poetry begin?

I think I’ve always loved poetry, I just didn’t know it. Growing up I’d find solace in stories, particularly movies and books, as well as music, which is its own form of poetry. My first brush with poetry was in high school, during my English classes. However, I didn’t know my true love for poetry until one of my favorite poets, Orion Carloto, published a book. It was her work, and my own therapeutic need, that kickstarted something in me, to write my own too.


2. Where do you envision taking your writing?

So many places. For one, I want to have my own poetry book one day, with my best work in it, published and on shelves for so many others to read and experience. I also want to be a fiction writer, with at least one novel published and out there as well. My love for movies and the process behind them has also branched my writing out in the direction of screenplays, so maybe I’ll write a few of those too! I see no limits with my writing.


3. If you could change the world through your poetry, what would be your message to heal the world?

My message would be that, “You are not alone.” Whether it’s heartbreak, insecurities, mental illness, sexism, racism, etc., you are not alone. And if I, as a poet, can use my words to speak loud and reach out to those who are going through the same things that I’ve bled on the page, and give them some kind of comfort, or even empowerment, then that is enough. If I can raise awareness to issues, or add to the end of a stigma that shouldn’t be, then that’s enough too.


4. What brings you ALEGRIA?

Alegría is a magazine made by and for Latinx creators, and that within itself is enough to draw my attention as a poet who was born to Mexican immigrants. It can be hard as a person of color, especially in this political climate, for unknown artists like me to be seen and heard, which is why we have to create spaces for ourselves. Alegria is doing that, and I’m more than happy to be noticed, let alone have the opportunity to be published by them!


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