WP_1H_rgbWP_1C_rgbWP_1B_rgbWATER & POWER – Tells the story of two brothers nicknamed Water & Power by their hard-working father who was an irrigation field man for the famed Department of Water & Power of Los Angeles (LADWP).  From the blue-collar housing projects of the city’s Eastside to the very corridors of power where deals are made in the City of Angels – WATER & POWER explores a cautionary tale – with a Chicano twist. Told in the classic L.A. noir style – with a darkly humorous tone – a hallmark for which Montoya is known in the theater.WATER (ENRIQUE MURCIANO) is a rising political star and California state senator. POWER (NICHOLAS GONZALEZ) is a top cop in the LAPD elite upper chain of command. Following an unexpected and unavoidable tragedy, the brothers find themselves in a seedy motel room on the eastern edge of Sunset Boulevard on a dark and rainy night. Can they survive the long night? Can there be Water without Power? Will they remember the tough love lessons taught to them by their hard-working father?STARRING: Nicholas Gonzalez, Enrique Murciano, Emilio Rivera, Robert Beltran, Wanda de Jesus, Jacob Vargas, Lupe Ontiveros (RIP), Roger G. Smith and Clancy Brown.

Interview with Nicholas Gonzalez

1. How did it feel to have over 1,000 people watching Water & Power at Grand Park DTLA?

The overwhelming support from the community for this film made the screening in Grand Park so memorable. It was also a very reassuring moment after all of the social media and grassroots efforts of the past few months.


2. What do you want the audience to walked away with after watching the film?

I guess more than anything, I would like the film to get them thinking and talking about the many themes therein.


3. How has working in this movie changed you as an artist ?

The sheer challenge of a 12 day night shoot and knowing you handled it and took some brave chances along the way does wonders for an actor’s confidence.


4. How is this film different from any other you have worked on?

I have worked on a number of indie films, but this one definitely had the feeling of a community supported and blessed project. The excitement surrounding the filming was palpable in every neighborhood we ventured into.


5. What gives you ALEGRIA?

Helping others, extending a hand and raising others up gives me Alegria. Watching a community come together in support of it’s artists gives me Alegria.

Nicholas Gonzalez is an actor and producer from San Antonio, TX. A graduate of Stanford University, Gonzalez burst onto the scene in 2000 as Alex Santiago in three seasons of Showtime’s hit series, Resurrection Blvd. He then went on to star in several tv shows like Law & Order: SVU, The O.C., Melrose Place, True Blood, and ABC’s Off The Map. He currently stars as Detective Luke Morales on Fox’s breakaway hit Sleepy Hollow and as the voice of Ernesto on their new animated series Border Town executive produced by Seth McFarlane. Some film credits include: Water & Power, The Purge 2, Anacondas, Behind Enemy Lines II, Dirty, and the cult classic, Spun.


He currently resides in Los Angeles and is highly active in his community, especially with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Friends of El Faro (a Tijuana based orphanage). 



 Interview Richard Montoya 

1. What do you want the audience to walk away with after watching the film? 
Blind ambition unchecked is a problem - whether you're Hispanic or not.

2. How has working in this movie changed you as an artist ? I'm more open to 
collaboration. You need artists to make art. Individualism is cool - coming 
together as a community is cooler - private versus public. 

3.  How did it feel to have your directorial debut with Water & Power?
Alegria! Truly. I hope everybody gets to direct a movie they have written.

4. What gives you ALEGRIA?
Alegria makes me Alegre! Positive gets more positivity - Chicanos can be dark - 
it's essential - but light is good.






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