Women of Impact: Esperanza Teasdale, VP & General Manager, PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit Marketing

We are so happy to start this 2020 speaking with Esperanza Teasdale, VP & General Manager, PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit Marketing about her current efforts to support our LatinX community.

1.    How has your journey as a Latina executive taking you to where you are today?

Since I can remember, my mission has been to elevate Hispanic culture. My mother was Ecuadorian and my Father was Colombian, so it has always been so important for me to honor my heritage.

2.    What’s the best part of leading a great team of creatives and marketers at Pepsi?

I am so lucky to work with a great team that cares about the same things I do: highlighting the contributions of Hispanic talent and always making each other grow.

One of my biggest passions is to find great talent & nourish it to create more opportunities for our community.

3.    Why is creativity so important to you when it comes to marketing that highlights new Hispanic talent in the arts and music?

It is at the center of everything we do, that’s why partnering with Telemundo, LA VOZ is a perfect fit. 

This is a show where you can find the best new talent and we want to be there to support them & elevate them as much as possible.

 4.    The new ad campaign that we will enjoy across different media with the tagline “That’s What I Like,” (Es Lo que Quiero) embodies the spirit of what you call Fusionistas, why was important for you to celebrate authenticity?

                  It was important for us at Pepsi, that these Fusionistas embody real authenticity and the spirit of a new generation of LatinX, who are unapologetically themselves. This is an inclusive campaign that resonates across different markets, no matter your race and/ or culture.  (See videos below).

5.    What brings you ALEGRIA?

At a personal level, sharing time with my family and my children is my Alegría.

Also, doing yoga and taking time for myself to find balance is key.

On a professional level, developing and finding new talent and promoting career advancement for Hispanics in the U.S is also my joy. 

“That’s What I Like Commercials”

Video credits:

Agency: Alma

    • Director: Joseph Kahn

    • Creative Chairman/CEO: Luis Miguel Messianu

    • Co-President/Chief Creative Officer: Alvar Sunol

    • Director TVC: Joseph Kahn

  • Production house H: Supply & Demand LA

    • Executive Producer: Nathan de la Rionda

  • Editorial House: Wild Child Editorial

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