About Alegría

ALEGRÍA is a multimedia & indie book publishing company for the LatinX community in the U.S

Our passion is to discover and nurture emerging LatinX poets & writers in our community through our bilingual magazine,mobile bookstore & our book publishing division.

We believe the modern “LatinX” story needs to be told. We tell stories from all corners of the LatinX world of personal triumph and success, and of the remarkable feats LatinX people achieve. We believe that these stories can transform the next generation.

Alegría is a community that connects, inspires, and highlights the beauty, the lineage, the thousands of years of positive contributions to this planet by artists & leaders of color – No matter where you or your ancestors hail from, Alegría embraces, promotes and highlights the unique contributions of the LatinX experience.

We bring the aesthetic of our roots to a contemporary language & design. Through our ALEGRÍA community, we hope you will be inspired to make a difference in the world through connection, empathy and and storytelling.

“We are highlighting the stories that TRULY matter about those who have historically being overlooked and under-represented. It is our mission to uplift people’s perception about the beauty of the LatinX experience and culture.”
-Davina Ferreira, Founder, Alegria Magazine

Meet the women-led Alegría team.

Interested in learning about about ALEGRÍA? We can connect via davina@alegriamagazine.com.