Arjona “Metamorfosis en Vivo”

by: Esther Chinchilla 


The excitement Ricardo Arjona’s fans felt as they waited to enter the theatre and watch the advanced screening of this Guatemalan native’s DVD “Metamorfosis en Vivo,” which includes the exclusive song “Cada Quien su invierno,” will go on sale this upcoming Wednesday, October 15, was contagious.

The theatre lights dimmed and fans, many of who were taking pictures, quickly walked back to their seats to enjoy the two hour concert of his sold-out 2012 and 2013 Metamorfosis World Tour. When Arjona first appeared on screen, his fans couldn’t help but scream, much the same way they would have done had they been at a real concert. And this is what the theatre transformed into, a real concert.

People sang along to Arjona’s 20 songs from the very beginning, starting with “Lo que esta bien esta mal” and ending with “Cada quien su invierno.” It is unbelievable the emotions certain songs arouse in people, as when Arjona sang “Mi novia se esta poniendo vieja,” video clips of some of his fans crying, came up on screen, but his in-concert fans were not the only ones who cried, some fans in the theatre cried as well. The emotions this song, and others, evoked in some fans, was due to the lyrics, to the brief narratives Arjona gave before interpreting some songs, and to the scenery created for each song on top a revolving stage, which was divided into four sets: a two-story apartment, a bar, a circus, and a theatre.

Through this DVD, fans will enjoy of a two-hour concert, see how it was put together, and have the opportunity to see Ricardo Arjona, the individual. 

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