Boy Wonder Presents: Chosen Few Urbano Continues

Chosen Few Urbano Continues album cover Boy Wonder Offical CFU Pic

The wait is officially over, you can now buy the twenty-song album “Chosen Few Urbano Continues” on iTunes. People can now enjoy of “Chosen Few Urbano Continues,” a compilation of different artists keeping urban music alive. 

For Boy Wonder working with the different artists who are part of this album was “an honor and a blessing in itself.” Bringing together various artists was a creative and challenging process for Boy Wonder, but as he explains, “every time [he’s] going to work with an artist, [he] already knows what he’s looking for, what [he’s] trying to do.”

Jenny “La Sexy Voz,” who for so long was the voice behind many hits from male reggaeton artists, is now in the forefront, interpreting some of this album’s songs, one being “Sola” featuring J Alvarez and Farruko. For Jenny “La Sexy Voz,” being a part of this album means everything in the personal level, because “[she] put forth a great effort into the production, and a lot of love into each of the songs she recorded,” and in the professional level, “it means an opportunity for people to get to know Jenny “La Sexy Voz,”” who Boy Wonder signed onto Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment in 2011. Boy Wonder signed Jenny “La Sexy Voz,” who demonstrates reggaeton is as much a male genre, as a female genre, onto his label because he wanted to take it in a different direction, to take it back to urban music, and because he thought it was the perfect time to bring something different to the urban and tropical markets.


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