A Note From Andrea Echeverri About Her Most Recent Latin Grammy Nomination For ‘Best Singer-Songwriter Album’ For ‘Ruiseñora’

So, it all began in 1997 when Aterciopelados made history with ‘Pipa De La Paz.’
We were the first Colombians to be nominated for a Grammy – the Latin Grammy’s didn’t yet exist then. But we got run over by Los Fabulosos Cadillacs.

We were nominated once again in 1998 for ‘Caribe Atomico,’ but Mana made off with the award.

In 2001, we found ourselves stuck in Los Angeles when the Latin Grammy’s were cancelled after the attacks of September 11th. After a few months, the ceremony finally played out and Los Atercios had their first Latin Grammy for ‘Gozo Poderoso’. But our triumph was bulldozed by Juanes and his 3 Grammy awards.  Our trophy now rests in the Colombian National Museum.
2005 was a colorful year. I was nominated for my first solo project, which was beat by Laura Paussini and I was completely invisible on the red carpet, wedged between Shakira and Paulina.
In Las Vegas with Atercios in 2007, we took home our second Latin Grammy for ‘Oye’ and I was placed on the worst-dressed list. But what do you expect? I wasn’t dressed in designer clothing, I was still in the same outfit from our performance at Rock al Parque!
Now, I’m back in the running with ‘Ruiseñora’…and if Caetano wins, I’ll be ok with that.  


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