La Vida Bohème Wins a Latin Grammy for “Best Rock Album”

La Vida Boheme has won their first career Latin Grammy for their sophomore album ‘Será.’ The band was awarded “Best Rock Album.”  

Será’ was recently celebrated by NPR as a “Best Album of the Year (So Far)”. La Vida Boheme currently appears in the new McDonald’s TV campaign. Chosen by iTunes as the ‘Latino Breakthrough Artist of 2011,’ La Vida Boheme was nominated for a Grammy and two Latin Grammy’s for their debut record ‘Nuestra,’ which was also featured in NPR’s ‘Top 50 Albums of 2011.’ 

La Vida Boheme‘s new music video “La Vida Mejor” recently debuted exclusively at NPR Music’s All Songs Considered.

Chosen by iTunes as the ‘Latino Breakthrough Artist of 2011,’ La Vida Boheme won the MTV Game Award for “Best Song in a Video Game” for their track “Buen Salvaje” from EA Sports’ smash hit FIFA ‘12. Their music also appears in the new hit video game Grant Theft Auto V.

La Vida Boheme’s debut U.S. performance at the Latin Alternative Music Conference(LAMC) earned the band a photo and feature on the front page of the Arts section of the NY Times. Recent sponsorships with Zippo lighters and Casio watches have continued to expose the young group to new audiences.

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