New Album: Jason Derulo “Talk Dirty”

By Ivette Corona 


We recently had the great pleasure of attending the exclusive album screening party for Jason Derulo’s new “Talk Dirty”. Surely this talented artist has had several hits in the past however, after listening to this new album,I can assure all our readers this performer has definitely stepped it up a notch with new beats, and rhythm style.

 This new record contains a mixture of core instruments such as the trumpet and electronic tunes found in popular electronic music sub-genres, making this fusion out of the regular hip hop comfort zone and perfect tune for everyone’s ears.

 Not only “Talk Dirty” has an amazing creativity but also has amazing collaborations. Artists such as Snoop Dog, Tyga, and Jordin Sparks are a few of the collaborators featured in this record, making these tracks even more exciting to listen. 

Our personal favorite songs:

“Wiggle Wiggle” Ft. Snoop Dog, a track containing and incredible bass drop as well as pronounced change of beats and inimitable vocals from Jason Derulo.

“Vertical” ft Jordin Sparks a more emotional and deep tune from this singer with exceptional vocals from Jordin Sparks.

“Bubble Gum” ft Tyga, a song  showing Tyga’s amazing rap skills and an amazing tune with a unique drop.

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