Through the Eyes of Alejandro Montesinos

Ever since he was a teenager the Spanish artist started composing minor songs, later on Alejandro Montesinos learned how to play the guitar by just hearing the instrument being played, “ After that, I also took acting classes at the school I attended, I even did a regional tour in Spain” the young artist tells us.

At 23 Montesinos was persuaded by Joan Pla, his current manager, to record a demo in a studio for him to develop and expand all the skills he possessed. Now-a-days, Alejandro is currently signed with Vendetta Entertainment and has opened for major artists in Spain and here is the journey told through his eyes.


This artist finds inspiration within moments and people that left a special memory within him and the young singer explains: “ With these moments I can close my eyes and sail within these feelings that inspire me with lyrics, phrases, expressions and messages that translate what I feel”. Alejandro not only writes to express his feelings but also to portray a message to the people, for him every song is relevant to his life or to the life of someone close to him.

Alejandro’s newest single “Despertar junto a ti” is inspired in unconditional love or so he says: “That moment when you open your eyes and you see the person you love”. This single was not an easy process, just composing the lyrics was a 3 week period however the tune was co-written with Grammy Winner Adrian Pieragostino, alongside Waldermar Reyes who is tour guitarist of Draco Rosa and finally the single was finished by 8 Grammy winner Mike Couzzi who has worked with influential artists such as David Bisbal and Shakira.


So what brings Alegria to this beloved Spanish singer? “Seeing friends united, loving family and seeing results after long periods of work” the talented artist shares with us. Check out “Despertar Junto A ti” below

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