ALEGRIA 2014 Letter from the Publisher: Balance & Perspective


This year has been filled with growth at many levels. Not only did it mean another year leading ALEGRIA magazine, which has taught me so much about business, people and myself, but 2015 also marked a key year for my family. This year, I took on the challenge to reunite my family and Baja California was the best choice as petitions for the US get ready.

I became the head of a “household” and a mentor for two of my younger brothers going through difficult situations. I discovered our strength grows as necessary and our heart expands as much as we are willing to give, sacrifice and love unconditionally. I also noticed that I am able to make wiser choices when I can be honest to myself, which is not always easy but so essential for ones well- being. Once we shift and reflect from within… new doors open instantly.

This year gave me the family & work balance that I needed, teaching me that ambition and determination are as big as the motives behind them. For me, the drive to excel comes from my passion and need to help our culture attain a higher level of appreciation and for my family to get to a new level of ALEGRIA.

People ask me about my plans for ALEGRIA and I can quickly tell them that while ensuring our growth to give our Bilingual Community what it deserves, I am also enjoying its gradual and beautiful organic growth.

2015 will bring us closer to our 3rd Year Anniversary and many surprises will unfold! Get ready for more ALEGRIA parties,concerts and all year round celebrations that will support different non- profit organizations that mean a lot to us!

Since inception, VIDA LEXUS allowed ALEGRIA to become a leader in its field. Our loyal clients and advertisers have allowed us to maintain this vision. We are grateful and fortunate to have the support of the most influential media networks and personalities and to have a loyal following that has become our ALEGRIA family.

I look forward to a new year of hard work, learning experiences and genuine connections with our readers and followers.
It is because of you that we continue to exist and I thank you
and wish you much ALEGRIA in the upcoming year.

Davina Ferreira

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