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El Caserio Restaurant in Silverlake hosted our Dining + Inspiration series last week. This was the perfect opportunity created by owner and chef William Velasco to enjoy a Luxurious tasting of the best of South American food with emphasis on Ecuadorian cuisine.

The delicious tasting began with natural fruit juices from Colombia and then a 6 course Ecuadorian tasting. 10 Influential Latinas in media and business joined ALEGRIA for an inspirational dinner with  Jess Valle  from Bloggers of Health who shared her story of personal success.


Dining + Inspiration series that remind us about the power of connection and friendship!


Dining at “El Caserio” Restaurant was an Amazing experience; I Loved every dish we had the opportunity to try; the taste, the effort put into every plate we tasted was beyond delicious. William Velasco, the owner is a magnificent Host and all his staff as well! Loved the warm attention and the facilities and also the Juices from the Colombian most exotics fruits was Great ! All in one word was an wonderful experience. Can’t wait to be back.” -Ayled Zuluaga (Radio Personality/Super Estrella radio).



“Thank you for inviting me to enjoy wonderful food from Ecuador, amazing tropical fruit juices in a very nice setting and amazing company.
This was my first time experiencing food from this beautiful country and Chef William Velasco really outdid himself that night for us. Great service and love the different plates and presentation. I also want to congratulate Francisco from Healthtasty for the variety, freshness and delicious exotic fruit juices and cocktails. I’m glad the fruit pulp is available for purchase, so my family can try it and enjoy.” – Karla Silva/ PR
“Thank you Chef William Velasco and Francisco Avila.
As always the amazing food from my beautiful country only in El Caserio. I got to experience and taste again the food I enjoyed growing up with…
I definitely look forward to going back with friends and family, loved the ambiance and the decoration of the place with a   tropical twist. The fruit juices that Francisco provided were out of this world I know for sure my kids will enjoy them.
Thank you Davi and look forward to many more dinning and inspirational series”.
                                                                                       -Catherine Munoz (Financial leader/educador)
 “A restaurant that creates a unique colonial atmosphere that compliments a seasoning exquisite of authentic Ecuadorian food.Accompanying the flavors with “Health Tasty” with their fresh and delicious juices made from traditional fruits of Colombia.  Closing with an exquisite dessert of fig with cheese.
 With excellent service, flavors, and atmosphere, “El Caserio” is a perfect place to enjoy a one of a kind evening.”
– Lily Ortega (  Alegria Magazine /Staff Writer)
“La comida de El Caserío te transporta a Sur América gracias a su arquitectura, colores y sabores. Una excelente selección de platillos de lo más representativo del Ecuador, acompañados de deliciosos jugos y cocteles hechos con frutas naturales típicas de Colombia, hicieron de la noche, una velada llena de Alegría.”





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