Panama International Film Festival L.A.

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The Viva Panama Organization and NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) are pleased to

announce the launch of the 1st annual Panama International Film Festival L.A. The festival,

designed to cast a spotlight on the emerging film industry in Panama and Central America, will

feature works by up and coming filmmakers from the area as well as visual arts, musical and

dance exhibitions and even culinary samples from the region.

The inaugural event will take place on November 21st at the AT&T Center at 1133 S. Hill St,

Los Angeles, CA 90015 and will feature the work of four Panamanian directors: Ana Endara

Mislovs Reinas, Mercedes AriasCaja 24, Abner Benaíms Chance and Carlos Carrascos Let

Me Finish. Reinas takes us on a tour of the spectacular and complex world of festive queen

competitions, an integral part of Panamanian folklore. Caja 24 examines the complicated

relationship between the United States and Panama, cemented since the U.S. participation in

the creation of the small country and the construction of the Panama Canal. Chance is a

modern comedy of manners which expertly mines the relationships between the haves and the

have-nots in contemporary Panama, while Let Me Finish examines the lengths to which

individuals will go in search of basic companionship.

Viva Panama Organization is a decades-old Southern California non-profit institution

dedicated to showcasing Panamanian arts and culture to North American audiences. As

Panamanian Cultural Ambassadors in the U.S., the Viva Panama Organization and its Ballet

Folklórico have represented their nation at venues as diverse as the Anson Ford Amphitheatre,

the Latin American Independence Day parades and the recent U.S. Special Olympics. VPO

also hosts an annual gala to recognize and honor distinguished Panamanians in the U.S.

Recent honorees have included former Miss Universe Justine Paceck, legendary jockey Lafitte

Pincay and NASA scientist Dr. Erika Podest.

NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (NFMLA) is a non-profit organization designed to showcase

innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world, providing the Los Angeles

community of entertainment professionals and film goers with a constant surge of monthly

screening events. NFMLA provides a forum where filmmakers can be recognized for their

contributions, have open audience discussions about their projects and connect with industry

professionals for insight on distribution, production, acquisition and representation.

These two dynamic organizations have now joined forces to turn the spotlight on one of the

fastest-growing and fertile film locations in the Americas. For tickets and information, go to http:// and

CONTACT: Carlos Carrasco <>, (310) 383-5809

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