First to Offer Revel Audio, All-New Lincoln MKX Elevates, Personalizes Listening Experience


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       Lincoln nos presentó su más reciente Vehículo “MKX Lincoln 2016 “con su sonido
    que transporta al mas allá. No solo el Lujo si no también el comfort, esta camioneta nos mantiene con ganas de estar adentro donde el sonido se convierte en magia. Al sentir uno a uno los sonidos mientras viajamos como  asi  lo fue el transcurso de  la noche, llena de experiencias para los sentidos, sabores, olores, y palabras entre gente que disfruto con Alegria  este viaje a traves de el buen Sonido.
    A Night surrounded by Fun
    Lincoln presents its 2016  Lincoln MKX with an amazing sound surround  system experience that takes us beyond this car, not only because of  the comfort and luxury inside the vehicle, but keeps us wanting to be Inside, and live a  experience of magic through music  while we travel.
    We enjoyed with ALEGRIA  this  night full of experiences for all of the senses. – Catalina Navas


  • All-new 2016 Lincoln MKX is first to offer audio system from Revel, an exclusive loudspeaker brand cherished by audiophiles
  • Unique speaker placement, only automotive application of custom Revel®Waveguides and point source architecture plus first combination of QuantumLogic Surround®and Clari-Fi™ combine to personalize audio experience throughout Lincoln MKX cabin
  • “Science of Sound” film shows the inspiration and science behind creating an audio experience never before available in automotive
A listening experience comparable to what’s offered only through very high-end home audio systems now is available in the all-new Lincoln MKX midsize utility, which went on sale in June.

Revel, HARMAN International’s most exclusive loudspeaker brand, worked with Lincoln engineers and designers to craft a 13-speaker Revel audio system and a 19-speaker Revel Ultima™ system for the all-new Lincoln MKX.

Since 1996, Revel has served its audiophile customer base with exceptional, award-winning home-audio equipment. Emphasizing science-based speaker architecture and acoustic precision, Revel systems are designed to re-create a musical performance as precisely and purely as it was recorded.

“The Revel audio system available in the all-new Lincoln MKX represents a new approach to ensure all occupants – not just the driver – enjoy the best listening experience,” said Kevin Voecks, Revel product development manager. “Over the course of three years and hundreds of hours of tuning and refining, our collaboration with Lincoln has created the most authentic audio experience possible.”

Click here to see how the “Science of Sound” came to life in the all-new Lincoln MKX.

“‘Science of Sound’ means the placement, tuning, calibration and number of speakers are unique to each Lincoln model to ensure superior sound quality and audio accuracy,” Voecks said. “It blends precision technology with the human element of psychoacoustics to deliver a rich experience.”

Revel Waveguides: Where art and science converge
Revel home audio systems are designed with the tweeter and midrange speakers positioned next to each other – what Revel calls point-source architecture.

In addition, tweeters are outfitted with Revel Waveguides, circular rims that optimize high-frequency dispersion and play a crucial role in delivering the pure sound quality for which Revel is known.

Transferring that strategy to the Lincoln MKX interior required extensive collaboration between experts in the two fields.

“We worked closely with Revel engineers to create an audio system unique to the luxury car market,” said Soo Kang, Lincoln interior design chief. “The design of the vehicle interior and the design of the audio system work harmoniously, creating something that is not only beautiful to the eye but also to the ear.”

Precise speaker placement improves the accuracy of midrange and high-frequency reproduction. That precision ensures that every detail of a song reaches a Lincoln passenger’s ears at the exact same time and magnitude, for the most accurate listening experience.

New technology for an elevated listening experience
In addition to important point-source architecture, Revel brings breakthrough audio technologies to Lincoln vehicles.

QuantumLogic Surround®, Revel’s next-generation surround-sound technology, delivers a multi-dimensional experience while eliminating the smearing effects that often hamper typical surround-sound systems. With QuantumLogic, Lincoln owners use the touchscreen to select from three distinct listening modes:

  • Traditional stereo
  • Audience, for an intimate concert experience where the boundaries of the vehicle seemingly disappear
  • On Stage, a 360-degree experience that puts listeners seemingly in the middle of the soundstage, arranging individual instruments and musical elements throughout the cabin

Revel Ultima systems include Clari-Fi, a patented HARMAN technology that works in real-time to rebuild audio details often lost during the digital compression process. Clari-Fi intelligently and seamlessly reconstructs digitally compressed music for an enhanced listening experience regardless of the source.

Revel’s proprietary hybrid amplifier strategy employs Class A/B and Class D amplification to provide extraordinary fidelity at any volume.

Key learnings from Revel’s double-blind testing for home audio systems were incorporated into the development of the audio system for the all-new Lincoln MKX. This particular test eliminates the look of a loudspeaker, allowing performance preferences to be evaluated solely on the listening experience.

This, in turn, helps develop loudspeakers with the flattest, smoothest and more extended frequency responses.

Further, Revel audio systems in Lincoln go through rigorous objective testing, along with subjective evaluation by trained listeners. Candidates must pass a series of nearly 100 listening tests to obtain trained listener status.

“Just as every Revel home loudspeaker must outperform target competitors during evaluations, every Revel system in Lincoln is held to the same standard and does not get released until it reaches target performance,” Voecks said. “Replicating the Revel home-audio sound in the all-new Lincoln MKX was an incredibly rewarding and challenging task, but one that will fully benefit the Lincoln client.”

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