French Tuesdays White Party in Hollywood : A Multicultural Celebration with Top Talent

Last week, French Tuesdays celebrated its Annual White party at the W Hotel Rooftop in Hollywood with incredible performances.

One of the most anticipated shows for the evening was free diving world Champion, Marina Kazankova. She is a world champion of freediving CMAS and AIDA and world record holder(CMAS), instructor CMAS and Freediving Federation.

Marina is a sports psychologist who helps professional athletes and beginners to become champions, to overcome fears and have pleasure from trainings and competitions.

She is currently preparing to go to Bonaire to participate in the DeepSea Challenge of World Record Attempts and she is so exciting to bring with her a new way of living, a philosophy she applies to all her artistic work, including her acting : ” I love to act in the movies and I’m certainly not interested in fame, the opposite in fact -so that people may be released from their borders; to live, to feel, to love, to breath.I want to make movies based on happiness, love, dreams and aspirations. I see acting as an art that should inspire peoples emotions and consciousness positively. Implementing this concept properly onto film requires a lot of energy and hard work from like minded people, working together, believing in a greater purpose.”  Kasankova said.

As usual French Tuesdays gathered the most  beautiful people from all over the world living in Los Angeles to kick off the Summer season in Los Angeles.

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