#NikeEastLos Celebrated its 1st Anniversary honoring the work of some of their most inspiring community leaders

#NikeEastLos Celebrated its 1st Anniversary  honoring the work of some of their most inspiring community leaders. The beautiful store is not your regular Nike retail space. It has an outdoor area where community & sports events are held to inspire youth about the importance of having an active and a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the leaders that were honored included, Blanca Gonzalez, vice-president of the West Coast division for Nike for creating such programs where Young Latinos and Latinas get a chance to be mentored by Sports leaders and even celebrities who stop by from time to time to make a difference.

Some of the community leaders that were present included:
Ana Araujo, Directora Ejecutiva de Boys & Girls Club del Este de Los Angeles
& Teresa Palacios, Directora Ejecutiva de Easton Community Center.

#NikeEastLos Wishing you many years more to Come! #Alegrialife



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