Beauty forward with Lasio CEO Nadine Ramos


1. How is LASIO different to other beauty/hair lines currently available to the public?

My brand message is about going against the beauty grain by promoting the importance of keeping the integrity of healthy hair first. I believe in manufacturing only quality products that will truly bring health back to every hair strand. My business is the hardest thing I have ever worked for. Blood, sweat and tears. My passion is driven by the testimonials of each client. When I hear, “Your products have changed my life!”. My heart always skips a beat and it always feels surreal that I really did it! I am impacting the lives of women with a product that makes them feel beautiful. It is priceless.

2. What was your inspiration to create LASIO?
I was always a fashionista growing up. Dressing up in my mother’s dresses and heels, her makeup and styling my hair was a regular thing in my household. I always had a natural passion for fashion and beauty. When the opportunity for this beauty/ business venture presented itself – I grabbed it and ran with it, without a second thought.

3. Describe your brand in three words?
Luxury, Affordable, & Quality Products

4. Where is LASIO expanding this 2017
Lasio will launch a new product line May 2017. We are expanding in the West Coast market, as well as, the Caribbean market.

5. What gives you Joy/Alegria as the CEO of LASIO?

My Alegria comes from knowing that I am a Latina CEO in a very male dominant industry and I have broken down the barriers to inspire other young Latina entrepreneurs. I come from a very tough upbringing with no real successful role models in my life. I lost my mother at a young age, which forced me to grow up fast and to put my fear behind me and follow my dreams to be an entrepreneur. I am a proud Latina succeeding and proving that if you keep holding on to your dreams and work towards them daily, you could make your dreams a reality.


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