Urban Decay x Nicole Richie Troublemaker Launch Party

Nicole Richie hosted Urban Decay’s ‘House of Trouble’ event to celebrate the launch of their Troublemaker Mascara. She fronts as the brand’s Troublemaker Mascara campaign and will star in a new video series inspired by her troublemaking ways, launching in early October.

“I’ve always known I should be a professional troublemaking model, and I’m so grateful that Wende Zomnir and Urban Decay saw my true talent and appreciate my craft,” says Nicole.

WHO: Nicole Richie was joined by fashion and beauty influencers including.
· Nicole with Urban Decay Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer, Wende Zomnir
· Nicole with hairstylist, Gregory Russell and photographer, Carlos Lopez
WHERE: Hubble Studio, 545 S Clarence St, Los Angeles, CA

“Nicole Richie celebrating the launch of Urban Decay’s Troublemaker Mascara at Hubble Studio in LA.”

Photo Credit: Michael Simon

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