Summer parties with Sünder

The Summer parties have just started and we got to chat with the founders of Sünder to learn more about their new premium mixer.

About Sünder

After running hundreds of tests and hosting thousands of tastings, we came up with our unique flavor that makes drinking more fun, makes the taste of alcohol disappear and is much more enjoyable than anything that is already on the market!

We created a new field of universal, premium flavored mixers that go well with any alcohol and actually tastes great by itself, too.

No more caffeine hangovers, and no unnecessary taurine!

Our drink is made for the people, by the people.

Why did you decide to create Sünder?  
The lack of Premium mixers.We really wanted to create a carbonated beverage that was flavorful & fun.

How is it different from anything in the market today?

Sünder is a naturally flavored carbonated beverage, infused with exotic fruits and berries. We have 5 flavors that contain no taurine, no caffeine and they are also Kosher.

We’ve created a healthy alternative to keep you away from energy drinks and soda!

4.  What brings you ALEGRIA/ Joy about this business?

Watching people of all ages, from all around the world enjoy Sünder.  It truly puts a smile on our face.


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