“Mission Park”: Starring Mexican Actress Fernanda Romero

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Torn apart over time, the ambitions of four childhood friends place them on both sides of the law. Young FBI Agents Bobby (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and Julian (Will Rothhaar) are forced to infiltrate and take down a drug organization run by the untouchable kingpin Jason (Walter Perez) and his right-hand man Derek (Joseph Julian Soria). Bobby works to re-gain Jason’s trust, Julian is keeping track and conveying the details of his operation back to the Agency. Derek doesn’t like the sudden reunion, and gets more concerned when Jason puts Bobby and Julian straight to work. Each man becomes more and more consumed with self-regret and doubt, gathering details about the day-to- day life they are living, and remembering the past they can’t leave behind.

Gina (Fernanda Romero) is the gorgeous woman caught between Bobby and Jason. Her next move will determine where her heart lies and whose life is worth saving. When it becomes clear to Bobby that Jason knows there’s a rat, he finds himself alone as Derek finds power. In an act of vengeance Bobby takes the law into his own hands, leaving nothing but chaos and disaster.”Mission Park,” the feature film debut of writer/director Bryan Ramirez, Cinematography by L. Thomas Nador, Produced by Douglas Spain and Executive Produced by Armando Montelongo. In English with a
running time of 101 minutes and shot on RED entirely in San Antonio, Texas, USA.


At the age of 16 Fernanda became part of pop sensation band Fryzzby. They received major exposure from all of Mexico’s media biggest channels. Thanks to this opportunity Fernanda had the gift of performing for Pope Jean Paul II, in the Estadio Azteca; one of the biggest stadiumsin the world.
Since then, Fernanda has been the lead for Mexican Mainstream TV Show Eternamente Tuya where she played the beloved character Antonia. She has had major roles in several Latin media shows, were she got to experienced and get closer to her roots; but still the Hollywood industry kept her busy. Fernanda has now appeared in several major Hollywood Motion Pictures including “The Eye” with Jessica Alba, “The Red Canvas”, “Drag Me To Hell”, “The Burning Plain” just to name a few. More recently she stars opposite Eva Longoria in Without Men, a romantic comedy.

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