“Never Give up. Never stop working towards your dreams. It doesn’t happen overnight” – George Esquivel

George Esquivel, Shoe Designer of Mexican Descent, launches collection with Tommy Hilfiger

“Never Give up. Never stop working towards your dreams. It doesn’t happen overnight. It took me 20 years of work to get to where I am today.”

                                                          – George Esquivel

For George Esquivel, life did not start off smoothly. At 19, and with his father in prison, he decided to escape the pain in his life through design.

It all started with an interest in attending shows in Orange County, where fashion started awakening something within him, something that, without his knowing, would color his life and take him in a new direction.

After working in construction and other odd jobs, Esquivel began drawing what would later become his first shoes. The rest is history. He started selling those first shoes to friends and acquaintances, and soon local celebrities discovered him and placed their orders.

Ever since, Esquivel has had the opportunity to interact with design geniuses, such as reknowned  designer Tommy Hilfiger, who told Esquivel he’d like to work on something with him: “I like your work. I’d like to work on something with you.”

For this man with Mexican parents, life wasn’t going so well. However, he is now Living his Dream.

“My ALEGRIA is life, my family, doing what I do… what God has given me is like a dream.”

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