Girls Lead Summit

Girls Lead Summit was founded by Natalia Ruiz, Alla Arutcheva and Tania Peregrino. With more than 20 years of combined experience in the world of advertising, they’ve put their skills where their hearts are by launching Girls Lead Summit, a peer-to-peer mentorship program for girls 8-14 years old. Girls Lead Summit is a series of workshops led by girls for girls. Since messages resonate more when they come from their peers versus adult authority figures, the founders chose a peer-to-peer approach for the organization. Each workshop is led by an extraordinary girl who is skilled in a particular category (music, culinary arts, entrepreneurship, sports, engineering, etc.). She then leads, teaches, and inspires other girls who are interested in that area. Girls Lead Summit is currently based in Los Angeles, but the founders plan to host workshops worldwide.

Their vision is to help young women unveil their inner power and in turn help shape a new generation of female leaders who support each other. For more information about Girls Lead Summit, please email or follow them on Instagram @girls_lead for all the latest news on their upcoming programs. 

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