Legends of the NYC Underground, Student Teachers Announce First-Ever Compilation

The student teachers-underground legends of the early NYC Punk scene announce first ever compilation.
The first ever compilation of out of print albums and singles from the student teachers will be released on Novermber 12th. Produced by Jimmy Destri of Blondie one of few teenage bands from the late 70’s New York 
Punk scene, the student teachers made a name for themselves playing at CBGB’s and other cool NYC venues.
Invitation To … The Student Teachers’ is the first-ever re-release of out-of-print albums and singles from the Student Teachers, underground legends of the early NYC punk scene. The songs were produced by Jimmy Destri (Blondie) and the Student Teachers.  The album will be released by Nacional Records on November 12th.
The Student Teachers made a name for themselves as teenagers playing at the legendary CBGB’s, Hurrah’s and many other before-their-time venues.  The band had one of the first all-girl rhythm sections in a mixed gender band.
The young band opened for a wide range of future icons on the scene, among them: The Ramones, Blondie,  Iggy Pop, Wayne County, the Dead Boys, The Cramps, and The Mumps.
After their final gig on Halloween of 1980, The Student Teachers went their separate ways, ending a storied run by the tender ages of 19 & 20.
I remember there were two cute girls in the Student Teachers. The group also had the best name between the Sex Pistols and Sonic Youth.”   Richard Hell
“The Student Teachers drove me crazy.”  Jimmy Destri
David Scharff claims that he brought pictures of the Ramones to show me at my office at 16 Magazine after I had seen him snapping away from the front table at CBGBs sometime in the summer of 1977, which I’m sure he did if he says so. Now, looking at the footage, of course I remember them — opening for Wayne (now Jayne)  County, Suicide, the Mumps, Richard Hell and even for the Ramones once!  That the Student Teachers didn’t get an album deal was a miss on the part of the record companies. For a band of 16 and 17 year olds to have gone from being fans to a warm-up act to headliners within 2 years was itself impressive; and of course, like all the CB’s bands, they wrote their own material and sounded like nobody else.”  Danny Fields
Track List:
1. Christmas Weather
2. Channel 13
3. What I Can’t Feel
4. Looks
5. Second Before
6. Invitation To
7. Samantha
8. Christina
9. Past Tense
Invitation To … The Student Teachers

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