AMBULANTE CALIFORNIA has launched a campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its first USA documentary tour in Los Angeles, California.

For two weeks during September 21 to October 4, Ambulante California plans to travel throughout the Greater Los Angeles Area to offer free documentary screenings at different alternative venues, from universities, high schools, and museums, to community centers, parks, and makeshift outdoor spaces. 

We are less than three months away from our festival tour and we still need to secure supplemental funding to realize the large scale of the touring festival. We are asking our new public to be principal supporters and join the Ambulante movement at this vital stage.

We want to know if we could partner up and help us promote our Kickstarter Campaign, so we could bring remarkable documentary cinema to diverse communities, for free, to exchange dialogue and foster communal experiences in Los Angeles. 

Your help in spreading the word on social media is priceless. You can help us shape the festival. Like our founding members, Diego and Gael say, “The cool thing about Ambulante’s design is that it’s a platform the public owns and self-determines as their space for cultural and social exchange without outside restrictions.”

Please let me know your thoughts! 

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